The mission of the Club is to create the environment that would enable you to learn in a positive atmosphere of mutual support. Accordingly, each and every member has an opportunity to develop communication skills, public speaking skills, and leadership skills. As a result, one boosts self-confidence and improves personal development.

Thanks to a long history of the Toastmasters organisation (established in 1924) we offer a fully-fledged and efficient educational system verified by time and by thousands of people. We work globally amid various cultures and societies. That is why, we created a unique way of learning. You are going to excel at communication and leadership no matter how old are you, what you do for living, what your passions are, nor what your goals are.

Each and every of our members was a guest to the club at some point. Just like you at this very moment, they were considering whether to come and eye-witness, hear, and feel what Toastmaster has in store for them. Each and every member plucked up the courage and stepped through our doors…and stayed. Veni, vidi, vici!

You are more than welcome to come. Being a guest does not oblige you to anything. What we ask of you is an open mind. It is up to you whether you will benefit from being a member of the club like us:

  • Acquire effective communication skills which results in better relationships with family, friends, and customers;
  • Master leadership skills which will help you manage your time, build teams and pursue and reach ambitious goals;
  • Learn how to network in order to leave your comfort zone
  • Polish your language skills both in your mother tongue (grammatically) as well as in a foreign language (there are English-, and German-speaking clubs among others available)

Poland is part of District 108, with Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia and Kazakhstan.

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