If you want to join the organisation and develop yourself together with its members:

  1. Find a Toastmasters club using the club search
  2. In order to find a club in a particular city, please insert the name of the city in the search field. Next, when you find a club in a convenient location, click on it. You will be able to access contact details and its address.
  3. Check the time and place of the meeting. Toastmasters Clubs usually meet weekly in the same place at the same time.
  4. Come to a meeting. All Toastmasters will be delighted to tell you something about the club and the organisation itself.
  5. If there is no club in your city and you wish there were – please click on “start a club” link available below the search field. Fill in the form and wait until someone from the organisation reaches out to you with regards to your application.

Coming to a meeting does not require you to register nor pay any entrance fees.

Remember that the guest are always very much welcome at each and every Toastmaster club. Feel free to visit as many clubs as often as you wish.